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Write On, Mom! Interview and Giveaway

I’m chatting with author Jenny Sulpizio today about being a mom and a writer. Stop by her blog to read about how I (*try* to) do it all… I’m also giving away a $10 Starbucks card to help supply a little caffeine to the world. 😉    

Speaking of Inspiration

Inspiration – Assignment #2 I love writing dialogue. But there are still days I want to pull my hair out because everything my characters are saying seems trite or stilted. (Helpful hint: When your own characters’ conversations make you yawn, you have a problem.) So, when I get stuck, how do I get those creative […]

Walking Among the Dead

Inspiration – Assignment #1 Walk among the dead. No, I’m not talking about hanging out with your local zombies. I’m talking about taking a stroll through a cemetery–preferably one that’s old and full of history. As you walk, read the names on the tombstones, the dates that defined their lives, the inscriptions of hope and […]