A Totally Crazy Announcement!

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Six years ago today, Tess “Red” Little came out swinging, taking down a ruthless killer in RED, the first book in my Transplanted Tales series. And it’s been one hell of a ride since then! So it seemed only fitting that I share some awesome news on RED‘s anniversary.

I’m thrilled to announce that Crazy Maple Studio has purchased the rights to my Transplanted Tales series!! What does that mean? It means, Red, Nate, and all the rest of the gang are going interactive via Chapters: Interactive Stories! If you’re not familiar with the Chapters app, it’s an interactive story game that allows you to choose your own path along the way, making choices as you go that affect the outcome. Click on the graphic below to check it out!

I can’t wait to see my Transplanted Tales come to life! I hope you’ll check out Chapters and take a look at all the awesome stories coming your way. And stay tuned for more info on when the interactive version of RED goes live!

Happy reading (and playing)!

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6 responses to “A Totally Crazy Announcement!

  1. Jessica

    I recently finished the book and was wondering if you were/already came out with a second. I would love to know what happened afterwards!

  2. kate

    Hi Jessica! So sorry for the slow response!! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed RED! There are a total of five books in the series–four full-length novels and a novella. The sequel novella to RED is Grimm Consequences, which, unfortunately, won’t be adapted by Chapters in the game format at this time. Although Grimm Consequences tells more of Tess and Nate’s story, it’s more of a companion to the series. The second full-length novel, The Better to See You, is now available on Chapters. Yay! This book features Lavender Seelie and Seth Wolf and continues the main plot arc. All of the books in the Transplanted Tales series are available wherever e-books are sold. 🙂

  3. Leslie Mosley

    Hi Kate! Just wondering if there might be any more books in the Transplanted Tales series? I just love the stories you’ve shared with us and would love to read more. 😊

    • kate

      Hi Leslie! So sorry for the slow response!! I’m delighted that you’ve enjoyed the series!! I’m not contracted for any additional books in the Transplanted Tales series with Kensington, so there are only the four books and the novella at this time. But I definitely have more Tales to tell when the time is right. I loved hanging out with Red and Nate and the rest of the gang, so I’ll never say never. 😉 I’ll definitely share any news here on the website, Twitter, etc. Thanks so much for reading!! –Kate

  4. Loren

    I’ve read the first 2 books thru chapters. Love. Wondering if the others were on there and I’m just not seeing them or what

    • kate

      Hi Loren! I’m thrilled that you’ve loved reading about the Tales on Chapters! I’ve certainly enjoyed seeing my characters come to “life” in that format. 🙂 It’s my understanding that Along Came a Spider will be coming soon on Chapters. I don’t have a release date yet, but I will definitely announce it as soon as I find out! At this time, I’m not sure if Grimm Consequences and/or Ever After will be released by Chapters. I hope so!! I’d love to see all five books available, but it’s up to the folks at Chapters. Fingers crossed! Thanks so much for reading! Hugs, Kate

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