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Welcome to my stop on Day 3 of THE CALL blog hop, hosted by Tonya Kuper, Promotions Manager and Intern at the Seymour Agency! If you missed my entries for Day 1 and Day 2, be sure to check them out!  And don’t forget to visit the other authors’ stops and read all about their “call” stories. 🙂


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Today’s Topic – After “the Call”


What happened after the day/night of the call?

It was a little crazy after I received my call. It was right before the holidays, so there was quite a bit to talk about and take care of before the entire publishing industry shut down for a week. Luckily, I already had a synopsis for RED, but I didn’t have polished blurbs for the next two books. I’d made lots of notes on where I wanted the series to go, had plot sketches for the next few books, etc., but it was pretty rough stuff. So I went to work putting all of that together for my agent and my editor.

I don’t remember anything about what happened when I got home. I know I got a great big hug and kiss from my handsome hubby, but it was the middle of the week and the kids had stuff going on and it was right before Christmas… Not really conducive to celebrating! I told my parents and sisters all about it on Christmas day, though, which was awesome. 🙂


Did you have to give other agents a heads up?

I did have the manuscript out with other agents, so I contacted each of them to thank them for their consideration and to let them know that I had received and accepted an offer of representation. I think it’s very important to extend that courtesy.


How long before you signed papers?

I signed with Nic the same day we talked. I’d already done a lot of homework on Nic and the Agency before I’d even queried, so I felt confident that the Seymour Agency was a fantastic agency with amazing agents. And, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’d already put Nicole at the top of my list. Just had a gut feeling that we’d make a great team.


How long have you had your current agent?

We just celebrated our 1st anniversary on December 21st! 😀  It’s been a very busy year, but certainly an exciting one!


Has your agent sold your work?

Nicole negotiated and finalized my contract with Kensington and we’ve been hard at work polishing some other projects that I hope to share with readers someday. Nic’s the best mentor and critique partner I could possibly hope for!


If so, can you give any details (Title, genre, release date)?

The other projects in development are both paranormal romance series. One of them is very dark paranormal romance series that’s different from anything my Transplanted Tales readers are used to from me. But it’s a project I’m extremely proud of and probably the most intense thing I’ve ever written. The other project in development is a lighter paranormal romance series that’s full of the danger, humor, and the no-holds-barred snark that my Transplanted Tales fans expect from me. 😉

I have another series planned (and for which the first novel has been written) that’s a futuristic romance, but that’s very much on the back burner at the moment. When I figure out how I can clone myself so that I can write several series simultaneously and get all these ideas out of my brain and down on paper, we’ll be golden! 😉


Do you have words for aspiring writers or readers of your category and genre?

Oh, wow. Loads! First and foremost: always, always be professional no matter what. Rejection doesn’t get any less painful after you have an agent. You’ll still be rejected by editors, reviewers, readers… It’s rough–but it’s so important to always maintain your composure and grace. And even though it sometimes feels like you’re barely a blip on the radar, this industry is smaller than you think. And people talk. Make sure they’re not talking about you because you’re a total a**hole.

Other lessons learned:

1) Writing can be a very solitary affair. Don’t let it be. Get to know other writers. You’re going to need their support and friendship on both good days and bad. And be sure you are a friend to lean on in return.

2) Be persistent. This applies to your career no matter what stage you’re in. There are days you’re going to want to give up and quit putting yourself through it all. Keep going!

3) Be gracious. Whether it’s when accepting praise or when accepting rejection, be kind and courteous. It comes around more than you’d think. Karma, people, kar-ma.


Speaking of being gracious, to say thanks to all of you for stopping by, I’m giving away a Transplanted Tales novel to one lucky visitor! Just enter for your chance to win using the Rafflecopter widget below.


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8 responses to “The Call Blog Hop – After “The Call”

  1. Great stories all week Kate. Your words of advice and lessons learned are golden. I know my writing has improved immensely once I started getting ot know and working with other writers. Best wishes for much success on your works in progress!

  2. What a great series of stories about “the call.” Such a huge thing for a writer, to know someone (a real live industry professional) believes in you and has your back…at least as important as the actual business acumen thing!

    And I can’t wait to read your book!

  3. kate

    @Teri – Thanks for stopping by! And, yes, having an agent has made all the difference. I just adore Nicole!

    I hope you enjoy RED! 🙂

  4. Yes! I don’t want to be that ass**** people are talking about! And you are so right – writing friends are a life saver. So glad I’ve had the chance to get to know you! : )

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